ENG08 Senior English, Second Semester

Course Description

Themes: Romantic Period: the power of the imagination, the quest for beauty and meaning in life; Victorian Period: love and loss, the spirit of inquiry, reverence for stability and decorum, and the price of progress; 20th Century: loss, confusion, despair and irony, the search for relationship between self and society; Current Period: cross-cultural conflict.
Literature focus: Poetry, autobiographical sketch, essays, short stories, and a novel of the student's choice from a list provided.
Literary Elements: Parallelism, Romantic lyrics, imagery, assonance, and alliteration, irony, word play, interpretation, metaphor, figurative language, symbolism, compare and contrast, cause and effect, evaluation, rhyme, onomatopoeia, meter, and the modern short story.
Composition Focus: Persuasive and informative essays, and a reader-reflection essay on a British novel selected by the student.
Writing Process: Invent, plan, diagram, draft, reflect, evaluate, revise, edit, proof, and publish.
Speaking: students will present one speech from six options that will be assessed for ideas and content, organization, language, and delivery.



½ credit, 9 assignments, 2 exams


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