ENG04 Sophomore English, Second Semester

Course Description

Themes: poetry of belief, hope, love, dreams, and ambition; doing the right thing; struggling with the consequences of the choices we make; conflicts between our ambition and our sense of honor; seeking answers for who we are, how we should live, and what our lives matter; heroes.
Literature Focus: Poetry, sources of wisdom, drama (Antigone and Julius Caesar), literature of romance, and a Shakespearean play from a list provided.
Literary Elements: setting, audience, character, plot, stage set, figurative language, symbolism, imagery, poetic rhyme and meter, alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, ambiguity, analysis, analogy, imagery, conflict, personification, cause and effect, compare and contrast, analogies, interpretation, evaluation, and irony.
Composition Focus: compare and contrast, interpretation, haiku, and persuasive essay.
Language Skills: sentence streamlining, sentence fluency, sentence variation, sentence fragments, transitions, compare and contrast, analogies, parallel structures, appositives, punctuation, commas, colon, semi-colon, gerunds, gerund phrases, English word origin.
Writing Process: invent, plan, diagram, outline, draft, reflect, evaluate, revise, edit, proof, and publish.
Speaking: students will present one speech from seven options that will be assessed for ideas and content, organization, language, and delivery. 



½ credit, 8 assignments, 2 exams


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