ENG02 Freshman English, Second Semester

Course Description

Nonfiction, essays, poetry, epic fiction (The Odyssey) and a novel of the student's choice.
Literary Elements: theme, main point, character, setting, rhyme, image, refrain, stanza, foreshadowing, exaggeration, irony, sensory detail, tone, mood, point of view, anecdotes, literal vs. implied meaning, and symbolism.
Composition Focus: Autobiographical essay, short narrative, character analysis, persuasive essay, comparison essay, interpretive essay (novel of student's choice), summary, analysis of the use of literary elements, and poetry.
Language Skills: verb usage, punctuation, capitalization, adjective clauses, sentence fluency, parallel structure, connotation, euphemisms, homonyms, metaphor, simile, analogies, sensory details, collage.
Writing Process: plan, draft, revise, edit, proof, and publish.
Speaking: ideas and content, organization, language, delivery of an original poem.



½ credit, 8 assignments, 2 exams


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