BB808 Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Modeling Using CE-QUAL-W2

Course Description

A workshop for users of the Corps of Engineers CE-QUAL-W2 hydrodynamic and water-quality model for rivers, estuaries, lakes, and reservoirs.

CE-QUAL-W2 is a longitudinal/vertical, unsteady hydrodynamic and water-quality model. This model has been successfully applied in numerous applications, ranging from steeply sloping rivers to deep reservoirs and narrow estuaries.

What You Cover

  • Water-quality modeling
  • Hydrodynamic modeling
  • CE-QUAL-W2 governing equations
  • CE-QUAL-W2 model structure
  • CE-QUAL-W2 solution algorithms
  • Data requirements for calibration
  • Model calibration
  • Case studies
  • Computer sessions


Version 3.7. This version is not file compatible with version 3.6 because of the addition of several more state variables. The release notes show where the control file differs from Version 3.6. Many of the new features to Version 3.7 are accessed through additional control files separate from the main control file, w2_con.npt.

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