BCM107 Facilitating Groups in Conflict

Course Description

Excellent facilitation is at the heart of successful leaders, teams, and even families. Understanding how groups work, what individuals within groups need, how conflict can arise, and your own abilities to effectively lead groups through conflict is the focus of this class. You learn how to provide a safe environment where disagreement and conflict can surface, and tools and strategies for dealing with conflict as it arises. Clarifying the purpose and desired outcomes of the meeting, establishing ground rules, communication skills specifically for conflict are the essential tools.

What You Cover

  • Understand the important role of facilitator with groups in conflict
  • Understand the course of a conflict, and learn how and when to use different tools and strategies
  • Through case studies students identify best practices for small- and large-group conflict
  • Watch, critique, and practice new facilitation techniques


Students in this course should already have a grasp of basic facilitation.

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