SS510 Correlation and Regression Analysis

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Course Description

This course will empower you to extract maximum meaning from your data. They allow you to answer the questions – has there been a change in my process or product? Is this process or product different from this one?  Is there a correlation between these two or more factors and, if so, how can I predict future changes in my process or product? What do changes in these variables predict about changes in this variable?

Statistically designed experiments (DOE) apply the same principle methods you will learn in this course. However, while statistically designed experiments are the best way to confirm cause and effect, sometimes we haven’t had or it may be impractical to run designed experiments. These techniques give the next best option available to discover correlation and identity variables important to controlling and optimizing your processes and products and identifying root causes leading to effective corrective action.

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A laptop is required for this course.

Recommended: SS501- Intro to Continual Improvement and Structured Problem Solving, or equivalent knowledge about basic statistical methods. Equivalent knowledge includes understanding of basic statistical concepts such as distributions, sample statistics and the central limit theorem. The courses SS505- Intro to DOE and SS507- Intermediate DOE provide excellent backgrounds as well.

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  SS510 - 004 Correlation and Regression Analysis      
  2016-2017 - Winter 2017   Status:  Available
Class Schedule: 1 Sessions
Contact Hours: 7.5
Course Fee(s):
Course Fee non-credit    489.00
Potential Discount(s):
Referral Discount
  0.75 CEUs
Location:   Center for Executive and Professional Education
In-class:   Wed 8:00AM - 4:30PM
8 Feb 2017
Building: Crown Plaza Building
Room: Ross (100B3)
Delivery Options:  In Class
Instructors: Steve Zagarola, Aubrey Kendall
  Section Notes:  

Class is on February 8, 2017 from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 


Cancellation Policy

The deadline to drop or transfer is at midnight five days before the class start date.