Based on the popular Internet-strategy workshop, this certificate covers the latest in digital marketing for today’s businesses—aligning people, architecture, processes, and tools. The certificate includes five courses offered twice per year and can be completed in four to six months. Coursework includes lecture, guest speakers, real-world case studies, and class projects on topics relevant to your own business.

Courses include

  • Introduction to Digital Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Measuring & Optimizing Your Website
  • Advanced Concepts: Digital Media Integration

  Required Courses 
Minimum Required:  5  Courses

Please Note:  WM405, the final course in the series, builds on the first four courses. WM401-WM404 must be taken before WM405 can be taken.

Discounts: Students who register for all 5 courses in one transaction may use the "5 Course Bundle Discount" when registering.  This option will appear once all 5 courses have been added to the shopping cart.  The total price, using the discount, is $2825. The bundle price for the Practicum courses is $200. This discount option will only display once all courses have been added to the registration shopping cart during online registration.

    WM401   Intro to Digital Strategies 15.0 hours
    WM403   Social Media Marketing 15.0 hours
    WM402   Search Engine Marketing 15.0 hours
    WM404   Measuring & Optimizing Your Website 15.0 hours
    WM405   Advanced Concepts: Digital Media Integration 15.0 hours
  DMS Electives 
Minimum Required:  0  Courses
    WM406   DMS Practicum-Intro to Digital Strategies 3.0 hours
    WM407   DMS Practicum - Search Engine Marketing 3.0 hours
    WM408   DMS Practicum - Social Media Marketing 3.0 hours
    WM409   DMS Practicum - Measuring and Optimizing Your Website 3.0 hours
    WM410   DMS Practicum-Advanced Concepts: Digital Media Integration 3.0 hours